13 Mar

10 Tips and Unique Uses of Lemons

We enjoy sharing what we do with you, as well as what we know. Our passions go beyond culinary and entertaining to proudly promoting Eco-friendly operations through our Green Initiative. Not only do we encourage conserving resources and managing our waste at each of our cafes, exclusive venues, and all of our other catering opportunities, we also believe in using environmentally friendly products when available.

Below, you will find 10 unique uses of lemons that you may have not known before. Lemons have a proven history of being both great for your health and an antibacterial cleaning agent due to their low pH. There is more to lemons than just lemonade!  So the next time you reach for those harsh, chemical solutions, think about opting for an all-natural lemon instead!
1.    Salad Dressings and Marinades
2.    Remove the smell of garlic from your hands with the help of a lemon scrub
3.    Clean out your stubborn cheese grater
4.    Keep your rice from sticking
5.    Soothe your sore throat
6.    Brighten your laundry whites
7.    Refresh your cutting board by sanitizing it with a lemon
8.    Disinfect your fruits and vegetables by creating a lemon juice spray wash
9.    Natural hair highlighter
10.   Aids in respiratory issues such as asthma (lemon water helps you breathe!)

Learn more about Kahn’s Catering’s Green Initiative. 10 Tips and Uses of Lemons


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