4 Mar

10 Things to Do NOW For The Newly Engaged

Did someone pop the question? Did you say yes? Congratulations! You are about to be bombarded with hundreds of wedding related questions from friends and family all buzzed with excitement over your recent engagement.

You can still enjoy your engagement, even with all the questions and planning. All it takes is a little organizational help.

If you take small steps you will be able to avoid the majority of larger wedding stressors and have answers to those ever-present wedding questions you’re going to get from everyone. Follow these 10 easy steps, in order, and you’ll be on your way to easy wedding planning!

10 Things to Do NOW For The Newly Engaged

  1. Announce your engagement! Between phone calls and text messages and Facebook shout-outs, announcing your engagement to friends and family will initiate a long series of congratulations and questions about your wedding.
  2. Research! Research! Research! Look at as many articles, blog posts, and photo galleries as you can handle. The more you are exposed to, the more questions will form in your head and the more ideas you will come up with for your own wedding. You can never be too prepared!
  3. Start (or continuing building) your wedding Pinterest board! IT really is a newly engaged bride-to-be’s best friend. Not only will it help you remember your ideas, it will also help you narrow down those ideas that revolve around the same theme. It’s also a great way to show your potential vendors things that you love or what you are looking to create for your special day.
  4. Collaborate on your wedding ‘vision’. It’s up to you and your fiancé to create your dream wedding together. Talk about what you each dream of, right down the tiniest of details! Some questions to get-the-ball-rolling are outdoor vs. indoor, local vs. destination, time of the year to marry, how long to be engaged, big vs. small wedding, church/temple vs. venue.
  5. Choose your wedding party. Talk this over with your fiancé before you make any executive decisions without him or her. You will want the same number for each side, so collaborating on that number alone might take a little back and forth before you’ve settled.
  6. Set a budget! One of the most crucial aspects of planning your wedding will involve a conversation, that could involve more than just you and your finace. For example, one of both of your parents might be willing to provide for some or all of your wedding. It is best to know your numbers before you go any further in the planning process. And these numbers can help determine what you decide on for your wedding.
  7. Choose a date! Based on whether or not you decide to have a church/temple ceremony or a venue wedding ceremony may impact your choice of dates that are available. Choose your dream date and be prepared with backup dates when you begin your quest for the right venue.
  8. Start a guest list. The biggest impact on budget almost always comes down to guest count. You might want to break your guest list into different categories such as family and friends you must invite, then the potential guests that you would like to be there but do not feel obligated to invite, followed by other invitees such as neighbors and colleagues. A general rule of thumb is that approximately 80% of your invitees will attend the wedding.
  9. More research! This time research should focus on specific things such as your venue list and your vendors. A great place to start looking for venues in the Indianapolis area is Indy Wedding Venues. Can these venues be transformed into your dream wedding?
  10. Make a list of venues that fit your vision. Not all venues are able to be the foundation for the wedding of your dreams. It is your job to create the vision, but their job to help see it through. If you’re in love with the idea of an outdoor wedding while your favorite flowers are in bloom, then you have to make sure that your outdoor venue has lush gardens and are available on the date(s) you are interested.

One of the added benefits of working with Kahn’s Catering and our exclusive venue partners is that we will be there for you throughout the planning process. Your Event Specialist is there to help make things easier when making decisions about your venue, menu selections, linens, and chairs. We want to be your wedding planning partners. Our newly engaged clients are especially happy to work with professionals because from the moment we start our first conversation until the last person stops dancing, they feel we completely take care of them. We love honoring the wedding visions you dream of and creating wonderful wedding menus, while providing exceptional service.

Ready to start exploring which venue is the perfect setting for your wedding? Visit Indy Wedding Venues and view the exclusive venues that have partnered with us, such as the Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, and Eiteljorg Museum. If you’re ready to setup a tour of a venue you love, call 317.577.3663!

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