12 Feb

To Have or Not to Have: Head Tables

Is tradition changing? For years we have seen the long straight head table setup for the bride, groom and bridal part. Of course it presents challenges like it being a bit more difficult to communicate among the entire bridal party, especially if it is one large long table. Now, we are seeing more brides looking at different options. Many want a more intimate, restaurant feel as if they are spending the evening out with their friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere (which they are of course.)

Over the last few years I have seen some unique head table setups. Many brides want to avoid the long table look and opt for ‘out of the norm.’ It is surprising to hear a few couples mention how shy they are and don’t want to be the spotlight while everyone is eating. Others just want to be different and make their wedding their own style.

So before you fret wondering what to do, here are types of head tables you can consider:

Traditional Head Table: Will you opt for the one-sided table that seats you and your wedding party up-front and overlooking your guests? This traditional seating option is great for keeping you all at the focal point of the room for toasting and speeches, but keep in mind that this seating arrangement also keeps your wedding party separated from their dates. It’s also a little hard to converse with those not on either side of you.

Traditional Headtable Seating

Sweetheart Table: With the privacy allotted with this type of seating, Mr. and Mrs. are sure to bask in a few private moments for intimate conversation and simply to take in the atmosphere of all that is happening around you. Not only is this an amazing and romantic focal point for photographs, it gives you a bit of a break from your guests to enjoy your first meal as husband and wife. Wondering what happens to your bridal party? They can join their dates with the rest of your guests or they can be seated at separate large tables.

Sweetheart Headtable Seating

King’s Table: Large round tables or squares, or rectangles are perfect for conversation and bring about a special intimacy among bridal parties big and small. Not only do you have the opportunity to sit with your closest friends and family, but their dates or significant others to join you.

King's Table Headtable Seating

Courtyard Table: A courtyard table is set up in the center of your venue by using tables in a square formation. The accent of the center of the tables can be filled with many things from candles to floral arrangements or an extravagant water pond if you choose. Both bridal party as well as immediate family or dates can easily be seated in this arrangement that is both fun and unique.

Courtyard Headtable Seating

You will know which style is best for you. Always remember the size of your bridal party and venue space can make a huge difference in deciding what type of head table you choose. Remember to check with your venue if you want a courtyard table or you will be very disappointed to find out closer to the wedding it won’t work if the space isn’t available.


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