5 Feb

3 Tips for Catering to Special Diets

You can’t throw a spoon in a restaurant these days without hitting someone who has a food allergy, sensitivity, or personal dietary restriction. Bringing a gluten-free dish to a dinner party or a batch of nut-free cookies to a child’s classroom is now the norm, not the exception. So, Kahn’s Catering understands how complicated and frustrating it might be for you to plan the perfect menu that satisfies each of your guests.

Dietary restrictions and substitutions don’t have to be too-complicated – or compromise the delight of eating a tasty meal at a party. We are proud of our ability to cater to dietary needs and present guests with a delicious and exciting experience. Our chefs can not only prepare custom dishes at your request, but also provide you with a selection of options to choose from.

Tips for Catering to Special Diets

Kahn’s Catering’s 3 Top Tips for Accommodating Dietary Needs

  1. The best time to talk about dietary needs is right at the beginning. If you already know that some of your wedding guests have certain restrictions, let us know and we can discuss how those will be handled specifically for your event.

  2. Try to be as proactive with your guests as possible. The simplest way is to include a line that says ‘Please note any dietary needs on the back of your RSVP card.” Guests can then select from a list of the most common types such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and top allergens (soy, tree-nut, milk, etc.).

  3. Speak up! Some people may be shy about mentioning their dietary restrictions on their RSVP card, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken into consideration. Many times guests do not want to be an inconvenience to you. If you know of a dietary restriction, let us know as soon as possible. We understand that unforeseen needs and requests are sometimes part of the party, and we are prepared to handle them.

Below are a few examples of entrees that you can choose when planning meals for those with special diets:
Grilled vegetable napoleon with roasted red peppers and red pepper coulis (vegetarian/dairy free/gluten free)
Eggplant timbale with smoked tomato chutney (vegetarian/dairy free/gluten free)                
Lentil napa cabbage rolls on top of grilled vegetables (vegetarian/dairy free/gluten free)                             
Pesto marinated tofu with portabella mushrooms and roasted red peppers (vegetarian/gluten free)        
Ratatouille roulade with pesto (vegetarian/gluten free)                                           
Grilled vegetable terrine with parmesan cheese (vegetarian)          

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