3 Jan

Second Century Society Celebration at Lilly House

With luminaries lining the path and dim lights twinkling through the large windows of the Great Hall, the historic Lilly House was bustling with holiday spirit this season. Adorned with garland, a large Christmas tree, and other details, Lilly House evokes the traditions of Christmas from long ago. Decorated in the style of the 1930’s decor, the large 22-room mansion was once the home of J.K. Lilly Jr., the late Indianapolis businessman, collector, and philanthropist. The estate features 26 acres of grounds including a large garden and green house. Built in the 1910’s by businessman Hugh McKennan Landon as part of a real estate development that came to be called the Town of Woodstock, the estate was sold in 1932 to J.K. Lilly Jr. and his wife Ruth. Lilly House is a National Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Friends of the Indiana Museum of Art, the Second Century Society, were celebrated earlier this month during a festive gathering at the historic landmark. Each floor of the three story Lilly House offered a unique setting for guests to enjoy libations as they explored the home and learned of its history while socializing with friends. Guests entered through the main doors on the first floor where they could venture into The Library, Drawing Room, Kitchen, and Great Hall. The Great Hall on the main floor, the largest of rooms at the Lilly House, was the scene for the large Christmas tree with traditional ornaments and paper angels. As guests ascended the large spiral staircase of Stair Hall, decorated in garland and red Christmas bows, they were greeted with cocktails and hor d’oeuvres along with expansive views of the grounds from the second and third floors. Holiday music could be heard throughout the home along with festive laughter from all who gathered.

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