29 Oct

Why Working For Kahn’s Catering Makes the Difference

Whenever someone asks me about working for Kahn’s Catering and what it’s like, I tell them, “It’s simple, you work hard and you are rewarded.”

These days it can be rare to see employee gratitude displayed and to see the owner and CEO take you and your department out for lunch or dinner at Maggiano’s or Flemings because your team performed above and beyond the expectations. Or the promise of a promotion/raise being carried through is hard to come by. Here at Kahn’s Catering, we work by two main concepts: word hard and be rewarded. A reward will come in all different fashions, such as gift cards to our sister company Vine & Table, lunch/dinner out with the owner, pay rewards and the list goes on!

Kahn's Catering and our employees

We take pride in our hard work and love to share the good news of compliments from our clients and managers.

Want to see what this crazy world of catering and events is all about? Download our employment information packet and see if we are right for you.

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