22 Oct

12 Wedding Tips from the Experts

Kahn’s Catering has been in the wedding industry for over 15 years, and has had the pleasure of meeting some of the top experts from Indiana as well as around the U.S. I recently contacted some of the experts to ask them one important question, so that I could share the answers with you, the happy couple, to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. I received amazing responses and am excited to extend this expert collaborative!

See what the experts’ advice is and visit their sites for more information about them or the expertise they have to offer.

“What is the INDISPENSABLE TIP you would give a bride or groom to help them plan the perfect wedding?”

1. “Set a budget, and stick to it! It can be an awkward conversation, but discuss the budget early with anyone who is contributing to your wedding (bride’s parents, groom’s parents, the two of you), and figure how much you realistically have to spend. It will make planning much less stressful in the long run!” Jamie Miles, Editor TheKnot.com

2. “Create a wedding check list, with a timeline. In addition, create a wedding weekend timeline for wedding party and vendors 30 days prior to the date.” Nicole Minor, Events Manager Indianapolis Museum of Art

3. “Delegate. Planning an entire wedding for the first time can be extremely overwhelming. Rely on the reputable team that you’ve hired to help. Your venue planner and catering sales manager should be experienced, honest, helpful, and be able to alleviate a lot of your anxiety. They’re experience should speak volumes on their level of expertise. Use them!” Sarah Bean, Director of Catering & Events Eiteljorg Museum

4. “Embrace technology!  There’s a resource to improve every aspect of wedding planning.  Find out what event planning technology your venue uses- Social Tables lets you manage your seating charts online, rather than on post-its.  What normally seems like a never-ending game of musical chairs becomes a stress-free process.” Angelina Nepa, Customer Advocate Social Tables

5. “Everything may not be going the way that you had planned, but remember at the end of the day, you will be married to your best friend!” Erica Avila, Manager, Sales and Operations Indiana State Museum

6. “Know your “must haves” so you know what to splurge on, what’s not important, and what’s just right for you.” Elyse Strand, Events and Marketing Coordinator Indianapolis Museum of Art

7. “After setting your budget and coming up with a tentative guest list, choosing your venue should be the next big decision you make – before you choose your color scheme, attire, flowers, décor, or anything else. The style and feel of your venue will truly set the tone for your day, so try to hold off on thinking too much about all of those fun décor decisions until you have booked your venue and wedding date. Start your search on WeddingWire, where you can browse, compare and read reviews of wedding venues in your area.” Kim Forrest, Editor WeddingWire

8. “After months of planning, your special day will fly by so quickly!  Having a videographer will help you capture those special moments that you may have missed but will treasure later. Slow down, smile and take it all in.  Enjoy each moment and know that it is one day in a lifetime of memories to come!” Beth Breymier, Manager, Sales and Events Indiana State Museum

9. “Be Realistic and Open with Us; be open and honest with us starting from the beginning (initial contact) to the day of the event. The more knowledgeable you allow us to be about your budget, what you envision, etc, the more useful we can be as a resource. Be honest with your expectations and flexible. For example, you may want a grand look to the event space using lighting, but your lighting budget is on the smaller side. Tell us; we can research and work with vendors to try and get you the desired look and still fit within your budget. If we don’t know, we can’t help! We have the same goals as you: we want your event to be successful and we want you to feel the event is a success!” Heather Frank, Events Coordinator Eiteljorg Museum

10. “Cushion every time! Estimate with 20 extra minutes for your wedding day itinerary–for getting ready, for guests, for photos, for parking, all of it. It will save you from unnecessary stress when things don’t go exactly as planned.” Kirsten Ott Palladino, Editor in Chief EquallyWed Magazine EquallyWed.com

11. “Be true to yourself throughout the process.  You’re going to receive a lot of suggestions from family and friends, but at the end of the day, this is your special day.  Make sure it’s one that reflects who you are as a couple.  When you look back on your wedding day, that’s what you will want to remember.” Kelsey Cook, Manager, Sales and Communications Indiana State Museum

12. “Make sure you hire people with experience in the wedding industry.  Interview all your vendors and make sure you think you can work with them and they are the kind of people you will enjoy working with for a continuous period.” Barbie, Owner Signature Events by Barbie

13. “Select a venue that offers the following: Great Food –quality, value, and overall great presentation. Great Service- event planner, service, bar, and event management. Character- building, views, materials, location, landmark. Easy parking – don’t make your guests hunt for parking. Remember that the night of your wedding it is too late to select a new venue, caterer and/or vendor.  Select quality from the get go and you will be happy to talk about your wedding for a long time.  Don’t select a caterer or venue based on price-the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ has never been truer.” Joe Husar, Owner, Kahn’s Catering, Vine and Table, Montage

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