22 Jul

IMA Wedding: Ashley & Bre

The Indianapolis Museum of Art, Garden Terrace was gleaming with happiness and laughter as Ashley and Bre were happily wed. They celebrated their love with a gorgeous reception on the slated area of the garden just outside of the Garden Terrace. After their dinner was served, toasts made, and cake enjoyed guests gathered inside for dancing and continued celebration.

I had the pleasure to virtually interview Ashley and Bre about their relationship and overall wedding experience.

 From the Brides:

“I was an exercise specialist working for IU and focusing on the Bariatric center. I am very passionate about my patients and desire to help with nutrition and weight loss. Part of my contract was to work at IU Sports Performance for 6 hours a week, and I chose to work Wednesday evenings.” – Bre

“I have a passion for strength training, and had just been introduced to power-lifting. Searching for a gym to train in, I stumbled across IU Sports Performance and quickly fell in love. After a couple of months, the managers of the facility were in need of a front desk girl. I decided to work a few evenings a week in lue of paying the monthly dues to train.” – Ashley

“It was a cold November, Wednesday evening, and while I was at the front desk this tall blonde came barreling through the front doors carrying about 10 different bags and lunch boxes. She blew right past the front desk and into the back where the trainers were. After her shift she came to the front desk and introduced herself to me. Great conversation and instant connection, then before we knew it the facility was closed. Bre left to go home to get her son who was 10 and sitting with his Aunt. I realized I didn’t get her number and had to wait another whole week. The next Wednesday started a relationship that would change the course of both our lives.” – Ashley

“Oh the proposal….I had to go with Plan B. Plan A had Crossfit WOD and multiple people, camera’s and crossfit coaches involved. It made me too nervous, so I threw together a family night of Putt Putt Golf!” – Ashley

“Bre’s son, Walker, has been a huge part of our family becoming one unit, and I did in fact ask his permission (after Bre’s Father and Mother) to marry his mom. He was the first to see the ring, and he cried immediately in excitement. I showed him the ring and asked his permission over a month before our night of Putt Putt. He can keep a great secret. Walker held the ring box in the pocket of his cargo shorts as we got all set up to play. He kept tearing up, and I had to remind him to hold it together!” – Ashley

“Like all kids do during Putt Putt he ran ahead of us and played a few holes a couple of times before we got there. As instructed he put the box and ring into the 4th hole. He putted, I putted then it was Bre’s turn. As Bre will tell you, she was “smokin” us until hole 4. She hit a nice par shot, grabbed her ball and walked off. Walker and I looked at one another and I said…”Umm dear I think you forgot something.” She looked back in the hole, and with her smirk she picked up the box and looked at me. I got down on one knee at Pirates Cove and asked her to be my forever.” – Ashley

“She said yes immediately and then proceeded to lose the round of Putt Putt.” – Ashley

“It took a visit from Bre’s step mom from Florida to get the ball rolling. Her exact words were “do you want to stress for 6 months or 12 months?”

“Bre and I both looked at one another and said….6 months. From there we got to work…but it wasn’t long until we found the IMA, and Kahn’s Catering. We saw the amazing value in both and booked immediately. Freddie at Kahn’s Catering worked her magic and made sure we were on track for our planning and timing. Aside from the small details, like where to place our conservative family members at dinner, planning was really easy. We nailed down photographer quickly with Kole Photography, and then the dresses. I made a big to-do list, and crossed off and added to it. I tried not to stress, because after all this was going to be a great day regardless.” – Ashley

“We were planning on going to Washington DC end of July to get legally married, but Indiana starting moving forward to drop the ban on same sex marriage. So blessed that on June 25th, one month from our wedding at the IMA, Bre and I were able to say “I DO” at the Hamilton County courthouse.” – Ashley

Here are some amazing photos taken by Kole Photography of Ashley and Bre’s wedding.

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