23 Jun

A Holiday Weekend Wedding – Is It Right For You?

Although I have yet to experience my own wedding, you may find me often dreaming of and planning my perfect day. I’ve romanced many different themes and have imagined several scenarios, wondering which is right for me. With the holiday weekend just around the corner, I got to thinking of a July 4th wedding and I love the thought of a lemon-aide stand that welcome my guests and a firework display for the finale. Or taking it to the other extreme, dreaming of a Christmas wedding with the sound of sleigh bells, a giant turkey as the main dish, my guest drinking a signature warm cocktail, and me wrapped in a winter cape, really warms my soul and makes me smile. Then there is that romantic Valentine get-a-way with endless champagne and chocolate hearts. I love to dream the details that would make a great holiday-themed wedding, and the ideas are endless. But as I come back to reality, I wonder about the practical side, so let’s discuss together just a few things that come to mind.

What’s in a Date?

  • Is the time of year important to you? Do you resonate more with spring, fall, summer or winter? Each season has a holiday opportunity: the 4th of July or Labor Day weekday are in the summer whereas Thanksgiving is in the fall. If a season speaks to you then do your research to see what holiday will fit your time of year. However, if the holiday is very important to your family heritage, culture, or maybe it’s just your absolute favorite, then consider whether adding a wedding into the mix, adds to the holiday celebration or detracts from it.


  • Holiday-themed weddings provide endless décor ideas. Each holiday has its own vibe and cultural meaning and your décor for both the ceremony and reception can be weaved throughout. If it’s the 4th of July and fireworks are your favorite aspect, use the sparkling inspiration for your signature cocktail as well as your centerpieces or potentially a vibrant color palette. Don’t let the usual party store decorations stifle your creativity, let your favorite parts of the holiday flow throughout.


  • Your menu selection is similar to décor, the options are limitless. Again, each holiday has its own set of flavors, preparations and styles, so your food can be a perfect reflection and help make your wedding memorable. For example, with a Mardi Gras- themed wedding bring the Cajun culture to life with a menu that has Louisiana flair. Have fun and try new flavors, your guests will appreciate you taking them out the ordinary.

Your Anniversary

  • You have chosen your holiday and it fits just right. Everyone has time off from work; kids are out of school; it could not be more perfect for your big day. However, think beyond the current year. How will this affect your anniversary, and the holiday, down the road? Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, 4th of July etc. are large holidays where family comes into town. If you and your hubby want to spend your anniversary alone, think again. Do your family traditions have everyone coming to town and filled with family activities? If so, you might not get a moment to yourselves.


  • There could be an upside for the wedding budget, if you are willing to be a little creative. A three-day weekend could allow you to plan a Friday or Sunday wedding ceremony, when room rental rates are less expensive. That could be a real help and allow you to indulge in other areas.

There are many things to consider, when thinking about a holiday weekend wedding. Do yourself a favor, keep dreaming the details, but also consider the practical. Here are some fun ideas to get your mind going for your potential upcoming holiday-themed wedding.

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