9 Apr

Does Your Wedding Cake Cut It?

Whenever I ask guests what some of their favorite things are about weddings, the cake is always at the top. Choosing the perfect cake can be a difficult one; with new trends in design, flavor and presentation, there are just too many things to sift through before the big day.

So let’s take a look at the top three things you should keep in mind before placing the order for your wedding cake.

1. Flavor

From cookies n’cream to the traditional red velvet, flavors have become an important part of the cake. Make sure you decide on a flavor that complements not only the season you are in but something that represents what you and your fiancée love. After all, one year down the road you will be cutting into your top tier to celebrate your anniversary and let’s face it, you’ll want something that you and your husband will both enjoy as you reflect on your first year of marriage.

Take a look at this extensive list of our popular flavors for multi-tiered wedding cakes.

2. Design

In today’s day and age bakers and chefs are as much artists as they are cooks. They create a work of art through taste, texture, color and overall food design. The fondant, the piping, the edible figurines, and the custom painted designs each play a role in your wedding cake. Most bakers can take a personal photo or an idea from Pinterest and replicate it on your desired dessert. As you consider your design, keep in mind you can incorporate your wedding color palette, a specific theme, or maybe even a texture from your dress that the cake could complement.

For ideas view these beautiful custom cakes created special for our clients by our favorite baker Mica in the gallery below.

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3. Presentation

The way your cake is positioned in the room says it all. One trend for last year and continuing this year is to have the cake on the dance floor. Guests walk into the room and are able to gaze and admire your cake. Something new and trending is the chandelier or hanging cake. Take a moment to think, “How do I want our cake to be presented?” If you want to wow your guests with overall design, present your cake uniquely and/or front and center; don’t hide on the sidelines in the corner of the room.

See some of these interesting and unique ways to present your centerpiece cake.

Kahn's Catering and their cakes

Check out some of these unique ways of presentation on Pinterest.

Create your perfect wedding cake by choosing the best flavors, complementary design and a fun or unique way to present it to your guests. Ask yourself, “Is my cake cutting it for overall flavor, design, and presentation?” Once your cake has these three main ingredients, let your guests enjoy.

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