6 Jan

Don’t Make this Mistake as You Plan Your Wedding

One of the most popular wedding shows on TV right now is, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera. If you have never seen one of his episodes I highly recommend it. The show takes the viewer through one bride’s dream wedding. The beginning is what the wedding will look like using her design, décor, and fashion choices. After she realizes the stresses of planning a wedding and reception she calls out to David Tutera to come and rescue her wedding three weeks before the big day. David meets the bride and her fiancée to learn what she really desires her wedding to look and feel like. He then makes drastic changes to bring her the dream wedding she has always wanted. At the end they do a before and after; once you watch an episode you will agree with me that the after is ALWAYS better. “Why?”  It’s simple, at the end of the day, the bride let the professional do what he does best.

One mistake you don’t want to make before your wedding is to over manage your vendors. Micromanaging can stifle creativity and actually inhibit specialists from doing what they do best. Choose instead to partner with your vendors and you will have the wedding you always dreamed of and then some. The best way to kick off this partnership is to sit down and share three important details upfront. Not only will this lead you to your ultimate wedding, but it is a great way to take some of the pressure off of you as well.

Share these 3 things with your vendors:

                1. Share Your Love Story

                2. Share Your Details

                3. Share a Realistic Timeline

Share Your Love Story: This will give your vendor a lot of insight into you and your fiancée. It will help them to incorporate the large and small details that will ultimately reflect you and your groom as individuals and as a couple. Giving the experts a little creative wiggle room can really enhance your initial vision and make for a really beautiful and personal outcome.

Share Your Details: It is important to tell each of your vendors what specific details you must have in your wedding as well as those you might be interested in. It sounds simple, but if you never tell them, they’ll never know what to execute on the day of and most likely miss the opportunity to really echo you as a couple bring you your ideal wedding.

Share a Realistic Timeline: This is important for both the vendor and you. Your wedding day is special, unique, and once- in-a-life-time with no do-overs. It is crucial not to underestimate the time it might take to pull all the specifics together. Both you and your vendor will need to be candid and realistic with each other. If your wedding is a year away, every detail won’t be designed and diagramed within the first two weeks. Additionally, if the timeline is very tight, the vendor needs to be honest about what is really available to you.

Sharing these three things up front will help set the pace for great communication. Once done, step back and let the creativity happen. You will be pleasantly surprised at how your dream wedding might even exceed your expectation, even without a David Tutera intervention.

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