24 Jan

Art of Entertaining: More Plates – Smaller Portions

In a previous role, I was a Personal Assistant for a local family.   I had the privilege of traveling with them internationally, seeing more in the course of a few years than I would ever have imagined I’d see in a lifetime.

During our travels to Europe I came to experience and appreciate a unique way of life, in part necessitated by travel, but also in part by culture.

Many of the hotels that we stayed in had amazing breakfast buffets. Fresh baked European breads and pastries (my weakness!), whole honeycomb shaved open, with the fresh honey within slowly dripping in to a serving bowl. Fresh juices and fruit purees, and fresh fruit, and usually an omelette chef at the ready.

Such was a wonderful luxury in the morning before a busy day. I have never been a breakfast person myself, but with such a choice, I couldn’t help but nibble on the wonderful variety set before me.  Yes, necessitated by the busy scurry of the travel schedule, but it was also about the “Nibble”, about enjoying a little taste, but of many things.

Kahn's Catering knows food and beverage for cateringKahn's Catering knows food and beverage for catering

On one of the trips, I met and became quick friends with a guy from Spain. Energetic and non-stop Go! Go! Go!, I remember visiting him and ducking-in to a café after café  throughout the day for a café con leche and a little something to “nibble” on.

“Nibble” is such an American word, but I think it so rightly fits what equates to small plates like the tapas found in Spain. When in Spain, I loved nibbling on tapas such as garlic shrimp (as much garlic as shrimp!) and the surprise: fried blood sausage. Why I love the notion of “nibbling” or tapas or little bite—whatever you want to call it, is because of the variety.

For us as caterers, we’ve seen that our guests enjoy our bite-sized offerings, from our hors d’oeuvres to our Small Plates (petite entrees). Even in our cafes little bites are a hit.  At the Eitlejorg Museum Café, we offer a “Nibbles” menu (yes, that’s what we really called that section!) , on it you’ll find items like crispy fried fresh avocado with chipotle dipping sauce  which is my favorite!

We hope you’ll embrace the “nibble” way of life. There are some many great places to try in Indy. And, even if they don’t have a tapas or small plates menu, take some friends with you and share a few full-sized items.  It’s a great way to get the variety when little bites aren’t available.

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