3 Jan

Art of Entertaining: Local Farms & Flavors

Few words are as precious to the foodie culture as “local”. When we think of what it means to “buy local”, our hearts warm at the thought of favorite specialties, neighborhood food purveyors, weekend farmers markets or seeing familiar faces at the monthly food co-op or club. I’m in the food business, and if you ever have worked in this business, you know it can leave little free time for much else. However, in season, you will find me – rain or shine – at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market, or if I’m feeling ambitious, at the Binford or Fisher Markets. To me, the early start to the day is a treat; a chance to pick up some pastries from Rene’s to share with my team and for me to get to know the real people who grow and produce a bounty of delicious foods. For me, the Farmers Market, as a part of the local food movement, isn’t just about the food, but about the relationship between the shopper and purveyor. It’s a reminder that food isn’t simply a product you’ll find at your local mega-mart, wrapped in plastic, and showcased under acres of florescent light. It’s about knowing the “who” behind the product you are buying and knowing the “how” and appreciating the passion and hard work that went into growing or making the food you enjoy. At Kahn’s Catering, we understand both hard work and passion for all food, and appreciate those in our area who share that passion and work ethic. Don’t get me wrong, I shop at a grocery store like the rest of us. But it is a very different shopping experience. Everything is packaged and wrapped into neat little shapes. It all seems strange compared to my bag at the market, which is spilling over with a multitude of colorful items, not all perfectly shaped and sometimes even muddy. You can feel the connection to the food, and the food to the soil and it is a refreshing reminder that the produce was “grown” and not “manufactured”. Because you can see the “who” behind the “what” as vendor after vendor shares the nuance of their products, there is a sense that it has been made or grown with care. And isn’t that what we all want? Many of the vendors that I have come to know over the years through the local markets appear on our menu.  We hope that you will share our excitement in what our local area produces, that you’ll get to know the vendors and share in their passion, enjoying the nuance that each vendor brings to these delicious and wholesome products.

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