12 Dec

What to Ask When Planning Your Wedding

Here it is. You’ve gotten engaged, and you’re deciding on a venue/caterer. There are hundreds of questions rolling through your mind, but which ones are the right ones. Well let me tell you what are the most frequently asked questions we hear and which ones are the ones you should be asking.

1. Can the space fit my guest count with the type of set-up I want?
Each venue is different; with columns, statues, stationed bars and more obstructing your perfect space for your guest count you must ask the question, will my dream fit?

2. What are the venues’ rules/regulations including afterhours?
Most venues have rules or regulations about the space or even the surrounding outdoor space. These include sound ordinances you have to abide by, large fees you have pay if you go over the time you signed on your contract, or cleaning fees. Luckily our venue, the Montage, does not have any of these fees.

3. Where can my guests park?
Depending on your location of your wedding, most venues make you pay for parking or have limited parking so your guests will have to find parking. It’s important to know ahead of time whether or not so your guests are on time for your big day.

4. What is the ranking of the exclusive caterer(s)?
Most venues have a list of approved caterers or one exclusive caterer. It’s extremely important to know that at the end of the day your reception will be serviced well. We hear all the time of the horror stories of receptions not having enough food or staff, poor quality equipment, or the worst… TERRIBLE food. When you think about the last reception you went to what do you remember? I remember the food. The past three weddings I’ve been to, not including the most recent one, have been terrible. Warm your guests up to dancing and partying the night away by great food and superb beverage. So before signing, ask who the caterers are and check their ratings and testimonials out.

5. Is there a wedding planner on-site and does this person come with my room rental?
Most venues have event or space coordinators, but potentially do not have wedding specialists. If the venue does have their own wedding planner you should always ask if their service comes with the room rental. For example, at all of the Indy Wedding Venue locations Kahn’s Catering provides you a wedding planner (otherwise known as an event consultant) to provide you with the direction you need for all of your design elements, menu questions, and execution of the day of the event.

6. What are the ratios for servers to guest counts?
This is extremely important. Most catering company’s ratios are too high or too low. Make sure that if you want impeccable service and execution of your wedding that the ratio of servers/bars to your guest count is spot on.

7. What is included with the venue rental?
Some venues include other amenities with your room rental and this could save you hundreds potentially thousands of dollars. Are the tables, chairs, china, glass, and silver included? Do you have to pay for linens? You must ask what is included with your rental agreement, because in the end these costs may be all on you.

And final question on our list…

8. Can your menu be customized?
When you look at the exclusive caterer most have certain packages that you have to follow. Some of these packages can be customized to fit your theme, dietary needs, or budget, but some cannot. Make sure to ask if you can make the menu yours by customization.

Each of these questions we hear all the time and some we do not hear enough. Take the time and do a little research about the venue industry, see what’s out there, and make sure that at the end of the day it’s the perfect place for you. If you have more questions about your wedding, or follow me on Facebook to be kept in the loop.

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