9 Dec

Wedding Trends: Top 5 Wedding Venue Trends for 2014

Venues everywhere are trying to follow the current wedding trends. For some it just comes natural others have to sell it on décor. Let’s see what the Top 5 Wedding Venue Trends are for 2014.

Organic or Rustic Woodland

If you are on Pinterest you have been seeing this all over. More and more women want to say their vows alongside Mother Nature. This may be physically outside in a woodland area, garden, or inside with large window views bringing the outside in. The décor is all nature using burlap, wicker, logs, and wild flowers for an organic sense in the space.

Geometric or Artsy

This wedding venue is more than likely an art museum, art gallery, or a venue with modern edgy architecture. The décor uses both 3-D and two dimensional edgy shapes, brightly colored geometric designs, as well as the use of both historic and modern art. Flowers are brightly colored to match the brightness of the space and the centerpieces are works of art themselves. The layout of the room will also match the geometric and artful craft of the room as the layout of tables and food will correspond to the fun shapes and artistry.

High Techy

The space for a high tech wedding will be simplistic and extremely modern. You will find the most up to date technology and sound systems in these venues. If the technology is not up to date with their architecture then the outside vendor who is sought after will fill the void. With light shows, upbeat music, video screens, and even elevation platforms this venue space is made for the techy bride with a flair for dramatics.

Dramatic or Old World Opulence

This may just be my favorite. The dramatic or old world opulence wedding venue trend is definitely eye catching. With bold colors such as gold, deep purples, blues, and reds you will not find a spot of the room that is untouched with detail. With floral archways, bars, and large center pieces, flower design potentially could steal the show in this venue design trend. The room décor could have a theme such as a Masquerade or the recently popular Diamond Bling, whatever the theme or color scheme this trend will always keep the old saying “bigger is always better” in front of the design mind.

Whimsical Romance

Becoming more and more popular, the Whimsical Romance is coming back into style. With simple yet beautiful set-up styles to the blush pinks and roses women are leaning back towards the vintage fashion in this venue trend. The décor will be lighter tones with hints of color. Roses, peonies, and ranunculus will be seen in the bouquet, centerpieces, and as floral crowns.

Each venue trend is different and depending on your style you may want something completely outside the trend. Whatever venue styles you choose remember to always have you and fiancé’s personality shine through the décor and venue.

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